Why AC Cleaning Is Important In Qatar?

Middle East temperatures can be reached up to 48 degrees. AC can be a lifesaver in such an environment. Qatar’s air is sandy as most of the country’s area is covered by desert. In such a region AC cleaning cannot be an option. Here are four different reasons why your AC Maintenance is important.

1. Air Quality: One should take this seriously and must clean their AC system regularly as most of the air we inhale is processed within AC.  Secondly, In Qatar, most people spend 100% time indoors under an AC. And inhale all the air directly coming from AC. Therefore cleaning AC should not be neglected.  Proper maintenance of our AC is as important as that of other home appliances.

2. Remove Germs and Bacteria: Cleaning your AC Duct improves air filtration which removes bacteria and other germs from the air. AC can circulate germs and bacteria present in your room.  AC itself can be a great survival place for bacteria and mold as condensation is produced inside.

3. AC efficiency:  Your AC can be effect comparatively more than in other countries. When AC filters become dirty and bunged, it is hard for AC to perform smoothly.  After removing dust, coolness and efficiency are increased.

4. Lower Electricity Bills:  An uncleaned AC consumes more energy as the compressor work more hard. While cleaned one performs smoothly and consumes less power leading to a significant decrease in your electricity bill.

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